1. Hip hop Blows Horse Cocks

    I’d throw it in her

  2. Namtab

    So the idea here was to make a joke yes?
    Flat chested human crane to play super “busty” fit hero?
    Oh thats gonna take alot of cgi.

  3. Krav

    For the love of god, get her something to eat and boob job and then she’ll be ready to play Wonder Woman. Right now, all she could play is Wonder Woman’s anorexic kid sister.

    • hamtime

      What’s with the negative votes on this comment??
      Krav is completely right on … along with all of the rest of the comments on this girl’s lack of physique. Bloody hell, she looks like she would snap at if she missed the first step into the invisible jet.

      Gina Carano – that’s all.

  4. Is Snyder just blind and an idiot? “Zack we’d like you to handle the Stephen Hawkins biography.” “Great I’d like to get Will Smith for the title role, and get rid of the wheelchair, we’ll just have him walk in the film.”

  5. mark

    Lynda Carter is laughing. #flat

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