1. Wild Body

    Wild body.

  2. Without having any mental images of her in the past to compare these to I thought, what? She’s fit, she looks great, many women her age and younger look far worse than that and then I googled her. It’s her face. It looks like it doesn’t even belong to her. Her body still looks fantastic you can’t deny that.

  3. Kevin

    Webmaster, whtever the fuck your name is, you’re an idiot. She’s a 42 year old woman without makeup and was never a runway model beauty. Oh and she has the body of a 20 year old. Look in the mirror fucktard.

  4. Pman

    age and face aside, i’d still fuck her six ways from sunday !!!!!

  5. Gman

    So she didn’t put on makeup before swimming, big deal. She looks great.

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