1. females have spoken

    WOW!!! Must rub myself..NOW!!!!

  2. e-rock

    THANK YOU FISH!! Finally, after all of these Blake Lively posts and the other random hot chicks, somethin for the ladies (poofs too)!!! Good Lord that man is a gift from above. And that little daughter of theirs is by far the most genetically gifted little girl on the planet, so cute. WOW!!!

  3. YUMZ!!

    Thank you for this hot, hot man!!!!



  4. Ellie

    Quick, give me a biscuit so I can sop up this delicious piece of heaven!! GOD is truly good to have created this luscious morsel. Halle Berry is FOOL of FOOLS!! Some women just don’t know a GOOD BLESSING when they got one, they always want more, more, more. Can we say “idiot?”

  5. Ellie

    Ladies….. if I found this in MY bed. LORD help me….. I’ll eat him up for sure. :)

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