1. arnieblackblack

    Billy Connolly’s fucking irritating, sex therapist, ex (unfunny) comedian, breakfast TV presenter hobbling, Aussie wife. She’s a massive twat

  2. arnieblackblack

    …who looks like Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler’

  3. Why did Slash straighten his hair and dye it blonde?

  4. meeps!

    Mickey Rourke looks like shit!

  5. Mickey Rourke is in the Sin City sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Wow, are people going to be disappointed when they see the dame.

  6. ButBecky

    Is this Lindsay or what?

  7. When I saw the picture before reading the text, I really did think it could very well be Lindsay with a bad hangover. So I totally buy this as FutureLinds.

  8. BorrisMorris

    Green is not Mickey Rourke’s color!

  9. Anonymous

    Good lord. If somebody told me that was a picture of Lindsay’s grandmother I’d totally believe it. She looks absolutely old and awful.

  10. Is this a scene from white girls II the golden years? I think the wayans bros are taking this white girls thing too far. Yikes!!

  11. neo

    Welcome to the Jungle!!! You in da jungle baby, you gonna diiiieeeee!

  12. SFRowGuy

    You know it’s bad, when Lindsay starts looking like Mickey Rourke. Still, she’s not terrible looking for a 70 year old… What? How old is she?! HOLY CRAP!

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