1. Sarah Palin = Gerald Ford in a dress

    That’s her “I will kill you and eat you” look

  2. Bethy

    “What yur lookin at!? It’s hard to main-line ‘em.”

  3. Mai-Tai

    She looks sad. There is not enough money in the world to live that life.

  4. Ricks_Daddy

    Rednecks r funny.

    • Mark

      How is this funny? How does this make her a redneck? She is eating FOOD. If that makes someone a redneck, every human being on this planet is a redneck.

  5. jime

    Leave her eat in peace!

  6. Mark

    Seriously, this is sad. She knows that pictures like this will be posted somewhere and that people will be assholes about her eating food. Ridiculous.

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