1. Becca

    I’m assuming none of the guys looking at this picture find the tag on her bra to be tacky… you didn’t even notice it did you?

  2. Becca

    the panties too… que tacky

  3. I agree Becca it does look tacky and her swimsuit looks like lingerie…shes got a great body though

  4. mel

    man i’d love to give that bum a good 7-8 second sniff, followed by a parting of her lovely, pert loaves and a quick tonguing of her wrinkled brown eye!

  5. Ford McDinglepoop

    That ass has to be made by god for the specific purpose of pleasuring of a man’s penis.

  6. Mama Pinkus

    I always wear a bra, thong and watch while frolicking in the surf.

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