1. jay

    she still looks great

  2. jay

    yeah i would love to pump fran in her butt

  3. ellen

    what is wrong with you people?? this woman has been thru a lot and at least she is real – I am her age and at the time she did the Nanny was her age and I was wearing size 9/10 jrs clothes too……….she is not a fake – and she looks damn good to me and has given me the courage to wear my bikini again even though it will be a miracle to ever get back to “nanny” size – I am working on it but you have to look out for your health first – I have to take medications that slow the metabolism, hence weight gain – give Fran the credit she deserves without making stupid , ignorant and just plain gross comments about “pumping her in the butt” – get a life Jay – I am sure she can do much better than you – don’t see you posting any photos of yourself………

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