1. Satan's bitch

    Shouldn’t the pants be wet?

  2. Misana

    This first pic… doesn’t look very much like her.

  3. Linda

    It’s like that last scene in The Shining

  4. edamame

    Does not look like her…and why did they give her Christina Hendrick’s boobs? Ugh. Nice how they didn’t include the acne scars and heroin-tainted skin problems.

    The real her is actually looking better than ever…must be fresh work. Definitely new veneers.

  5. dolphin

    i want to fuck the statue. Just don’t know if the craftsman has crafted a vagina and anus for my penis.

  6. IddoFergiewithYourdick

    I’d take the real one… as long as she looks the other way.

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