1. Deacon Jones

    Hey! Shamu called, he wants his dignity back you fat fuck!

  2. He’s at the four seasons? I bet his gravitational pull just changed winter to spring.

  3. Now we all know WHY he wasn’t in this year’s Kartrashian Christmas card. Kris “BIG PIMPIN” Jenner didn’t want him making her and her whores look worse than what they already do…

  4. Wow… if you compare this shot of him to pics of him from even 2-3 years ago, it’s incredibly obvious that this guy is really fucked up and going through some serious shit. Couple that with the fact that his own mother thought he was too fat to be included in the “family” Christmas card/whore flyer and you just know that this dude is only at the beginning of his descent.

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this but – I actually feel sorry for this guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a suicide attempt or OD scare in the not-too-distant future.

  5. What a serious group of losers. I don’t care if KK dates 1000 men or lies about her plastic surgery, it is the fact she did nothing with herself when she has complete and total access. None of them are educated. How is that even possible? An imbecile can get a bachelors and certainly a retard can get one from a third rate school. But people consistently cite that “they have a lot of money” as if that is the epitome of success and development and excuses their complete and total lack of achievement. Very pathetic culture. And was this bitch mama drinking while pregnant? The father was intelligent and the pimp is above average, what the f happened to the kids?

  6. me

    Put the candy bar down, straighten the fuck up, don’t get any more tat’s to compensate for how pathetic you really are being the only guy in a family of all girls! Poor guys a pansy! Sorry you just make me wanna go in all SORTS of directions of how your so wrong!

  7. me

    Enough of the Mob Wives! We get it! Their a bunch of washed up, nasty, tainted attention wanting used up whores that don’t know what bowing out gracefully means. Every time that fuckin picture of these tranny looking things come up when I’m jacking off to Kim K ( I like my women real fat!!!) i lose my errections! C’mon fish you don’t need the money THAT bad do ya??

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