1. Hugh G. Rection

    If Kim K tried the same pose, we wouldn’t be able to see her face.

  2. Fish, PLEASE tell us you didn’t pay a whole lot for these pics. I couldn’t get past this one, I starting thinking of her fetid taint and had to stop.

  3. Deacon Jones

    I’m having a hell of a time trying to find her fucking video online for free.

    • srsly?

      1. Download bittorrent or another torrent downloading client
      2. google: “backdoor teen mom torrent”
      3. wade through the bullshit on the internet pages. Usually the big flashing “click here to download” is some direct download bullshit malware. Look for the link “magnet link” or “torrent download” This download should take about 0.5 seconds.
      4. Open the torrent file, it should pop up bit torrent or your torrent client.
      5. Open downloaded file, jerk off.

    • Deacon. I’m surprised to hear you say that. Have you ever heard of thepiratebay? All porn users have to know how to get their porn for free. It’s so easy. You don’t even have to try to find porn and you’ll still find some.

      I downloaded hers the day it was released. It’s a keeper. Tila Tequila’s new one is better, though.

  4. I know it is wrong of me to say this given that she’s a vapid, useless cunt but I’d still stick it in her pooper if she’s let me…just sayin’.

  5. ShesMine

    “I am SO FREAKIN” WIDE! SEE?!”

  6. ShesMine

    More “ho-hum” than anything.

  7. What position does she play? Tight end?

  8. coljack

    I’ve got this nagging feeling of deja vu. Why does this pose look so familiar? Oh, that’s right – it’s the traditional stance from which you write a Christian parenting book.

  9. Dirty Travolta

    Can someone pass me the ranch dressing please …

  10. harvey korman says

    I’d lick it clean after her morning coffee poop.

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