1. Farrah took part in the design process herself, which is why this simulated vagina looks just like a simulated cock and balls.

  2. Yeah, like I’m going to shell out for a fake vagina so I can go down on it.

  3. Just a little salt on the rim, and…

  4. The ability to suck your own cock is a skill made somewhat simpler for some due to a limber back and a decent-sized dick. Being able to lick your own pussy – that’s a gift from God.

  5. She’s a whore and pig…that I would bang in a city minute given the chance.

  6. Icehawg

    ……? How is this going to be misunderstood? I don’t see it. How can this, in any way possible, be misunderstood? Because she is going to cry she was misunderstood and that she isn’t a whore THAT LICKS HER OWN JUNK IN A PHOTO-OP AT HER SEX TOY RELEASE. Please, I am all a-tingle with how she tries to turn this into the “pity me” show.

  7. Deacon Jones

    Is this the photo shoot for her next book on raising children?

  8. Nerdy

    I don’t know… I remember her vagina and it doesn’t look like that. Hers look like that carnivore plant at Little shop of horror

  9. I’d lick that plastic pussy and her pussy. She might be a lying piece of shit, but she does anal and squirts. Nobody’s perfect.

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