1. CT

    Herpes not included.

  2. Cock Dr

    I hope her daughter is safe in the wolves’s pen, making friends, learning all the skills she’ll need to compete in the 3rd millennium global economy.

  3. What you all don’t give her enough credit for is how subversive she is. Farrah’s not just some Christian parenting book-writing, sex toy-shilling, butt penetration-induced squirt machine with a uterus for rent. See? Here she is, delivering her pussy like a pizza, subtly toying with the notion of the commodification of sexuality while simultaneously exploiting the same. It’s levels on levels. There is a simple elegance to what she’s doing, and a tacit recognition of an age-old fact that she has tapped into: whores make money.

  4. There is no god.

  5. I wonder what 19 year old virgin they had squat in a bucket of latex to mold that contraption? Having seen both of Farrah’s movies, my professional opinion is that it does not represent her wore out vagina or sarlacc pit of an anus.

  6. She later sued the manufacturer, claiming that she had produced the sex toy for her own personal use, and had NO idea they would be releasing it to the public!

  7. Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to rent Farrah for an hour?

  8. Back pain

    I would not hit either one

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