1. Well, there goes my Mr. Ed-holding-a-vagina-trumpet fantasy.

  2. I’d rather take my drunken chances in Bangkok.

  3. Her parents must be proud of this piece of garbage.

  4. meeps!

    Seen here holding a one-quarter sized rendering…

  5. Swearin

    In future news, the entire line was recalled once it was discovered the toys were shaped, smelled and tasted like Farrah Abraham’s cooch

  6. Spleen

    Not shown, MUCH larger asshole model, big enough to get trapped in.

  7. the observer

    She looks so happy in those pictures……

  8. whatever

    how bad is this woman going to age since she already looks like she is sixty years old

  9. Do you pay extra for the STD, or is it standard?

  10. So, once you put your loose change in, do you have to wait another month to get it back?

  11. some black dude

    Pretty sure we could all have her actual vagina for free but I’m pretty sure none of us want that either

  12. Judd

    what a loser and a skank!!!

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