1. some black guy

    wow that is some body she has on her. wow

  2. After being one of the Teen Moms, porn is a major step up

  3. father dougal

    God she’s hideous. A creature or abused flesh and molded plastics. Shrill, vapid, and utterly void of any humanity. And yet, I must say, I sure would like to touch her hoo ha with my dinky.

    • father dougal, aren’t you a priest? Priests are supposed to like cute little Catholic boys, NOT pretty little Jewish girls. You’re sick. You need therapy.

  4. What’s a bit sad is that SO many of these camera-friendly people are actually cartoon characters in their private life. Not all of ‘em, not even most of ‘em, but lots of ‘em. Like some kind of alien clone.

  5. worstmomever

    i wonder if vivid booked her daughter’s future sex tape in the contract too

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