1. John Travolta

    What an ugly and silly attention whore. Come here bitch and bend over.

  2. Little Tongue

    So he’s got a small dick…? Well, before your plastic surgery, you were flat chested, chinless, big nosed and crook teethed. There is no surgery for small dicks. One could expect you to have a heart… Right?

  3. Little Tongue

    I’d like to add that with the thousands of $$$ you spent on surgery, trying to look good, one might wonder why you never got rid of the atrocious huge mole on your neck. It’s fucking disgusting.

    • Huh?

      Operative word there being…. “Trying”

      Surgery or not she still has a head like a half chewed snickers.

  4. Nobody likes “Sloppy seconds”, society needs to be protected from pics of her after she’s been on the receiving end of a “minivan”.

  5. You do Playboy THEN you do the hardcore porn. I’m not surprised Farrah had things ass backwards.

  6. Adam Sandler

    What’s awesome is that James Deen’s cock got rejected from her asshole into her pussy and mouth a BUNCH of times. Delicious!

  7. she is just a lost and lonely chic who obviously didn’t have a great childhood like the rest of us. She has feelings and my mom taught me if i don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Sone people say nasty things about others for a few different reasons. one of them being they re insecure with themselves, or with their own life. Farah- Things will get better!! Just be yourself and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. You have to LOVE yourself before you can ever LOVE ANYONE else. Your daughter needs you to love yourself. You will be happy when you look in the mirror after learning how to be you.

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