1. farrellthib

    is that not the same bikini heidi montag wore to display her plastic tits??

  2. BP

    Check out the chick in the pool with the blue nipples…..

  3. schadenfreude

    The pool behind me is filled with stagnant douche agua!

  4. Farrah – My next implants will be this size –

    Holds up beach ball.

  5. I give. Where one’s the beach ball?

  6. She’s such an exquisite example of natural beauty and portrays herself as a warm and genuinely lovely person. I wonder why no one came to her pool party?

  7. Lissa

    What’s up Adrianna? I mean Heidi.. I mean…wait, which washed up MTV star are you?

  8. Who fucking gives a shit?

  9. TheCynic

    I just can’t help it. I wanna fuck the stupid out of her so bad. I realize that would be equivalent to trying to scale Everest with a Buick on your back, but I’d try.

  10. Fake tits and bad life decisions does not make you anything more than a public joke. Ask the Octo-mom and Amy Fischer how being one is working out for them.

  11. oldfool

    Note to Self: DO NOT go in the Sapphire Pool.

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