1. Basket

    Am I the only one who thinks this picture looks like she’s trying to hide her dick by sticking it up in her suit?

  2. Nasty Butler

    Her fake tits look like they are made of clay.

  3. It’s gonna cost way more that $2M to fix that face.

  4. ISeeDaylight

    All the haters are jealous or gay.

  5. ISeeNightLight

    All the haters in this case are 100% correct. Clay tits…check… If she really wanted to film a porno for herself….which makes no sense…why not just film her with a BF and keep it safe like tons of people? Oh because no one wants her crazy ass. She’s admitting she had to pay for sex with James Deen basically.

  6. Wheres my hat ?

    Bonus points for invoking the dead baby daddy there, almost won some sympathy…

  7. mrfknhappy

    Her grill is totally jacked. Looks like a fkn dude in a bikini

  8. pleasantries

    shes a slut….glad i saw her naked sucking and fucking

  9. CK

    “Damn… I can’t see my career ANYWHERE..”

  10. Little Tongue

    Charlie Sheen wants her to be a goddess? And what is she gonna do with her daughter whilst she and Sheen ass-fuck? Leave her with Denise Richards?

  11. How sad is it when you’re a 3rd rate Kim Kardashian?

  12. MTV rejecting Farrah Abraham is like when Doctor Frankenstein rejected his monster.

    • It’s like a drug dealer refusing to sell his smack to a junkie.

      It’s like Kris Jenner refusing to pimp one of her daughters.

      It’s like Michael and Dina Lohan refusing to live off LiLo.

      … Anyone else wants to keep this going?

  13. When did MTV start having morals and standards?

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