1. JC

    So, no one’s going to tell her that she’s just making her camel face worse with each surgery, huh? Fair enough. If any one cared about her, presumably she’d be off somewhere being a decent mom, not becoming a teen mom to begin with, and/or not pretending she got paid seven figures for ass-to-mouth.

  2. some black dude

    I would like you all to brutally insult me because I just realized I am some what of a hopocrite. The other day i judged the post of super hot Nicole Aniston because she is a pornstar but I just was getting ready to post ‘I would still hit it’ on this one. shame on me..

  3. Big Earl

    Why does this disgusting whore get so much attention? Yuck.

  4. mikael

    this is paul stanley in drag, right?

  5. Edvard Munch

    Jews in Porn series “Dont forget your sheet wth a hole”

  6. I’m waiting for someone to comment “Dis how chicken does anal!”

  7. samwise

    horse face.

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