1. absinthe

    Paris wishes she looked like Marilyn.

  2. Jean

    i hate her.

  3. I thought this was a picture of a tranny dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. Makes sense that it’s Paris Hilton.

  4. no

    She looks like shit. What an insult to Marilyn. Megan Fox with her dumb ass tattoo on her arm saying “at 8, she would cry whenever she saw Marilyn on the tv” and now this shit. She doesn’t even look as a good as a tranny would dressed up as Marilyn. Fucking useless pieces of shit.

  5. Is it just me or did Paris have a boob job? Just asking because she’s got her boobs smushed together. She doesn’t even look like the real movie icon. Not even a tiny bit. It’s really pathetic. I think anyone who tries to look like someone else possibly hates their own looks. That’s really the bottom line, right? Oh, one more thing, Marilyn didn’t have a droopy eyelid like Paris does. Nice try Paris but you will never be Marilyn. Unless you can have a successful movie career like Marilyn did. LOL! Yeah right like that would happen!!!

  6. Napoupi

    Lace wig !

  7. vix

    Damn. She’s looking old.

  8. the stig

    Paris …STFU!!! Seriously, God. you think this girl could take a hint but her brain must be made of wood

  9. DancerForMoney

    She’s still alive?

  10. sting

    She looks fake. She looks like a bad mix of Christina and Marilyn.

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