1. Scott

    Fucking YUCK!!

  2. Bird

    Gutter troll.

    Who the fuck tattoo’s their forehead?

  3. edna

    what a dirty whore!

  4. Pam

    I hope they accidentally burn her eyes out. What a cunt.

  5. lisa

    Who lick a nasty doctor office magazine? If Sandra went psycho and shot her to death I would completely understand

  6. A Man Duh

    Is that thrush on her tongue?

  7. michael c.

    i love this. rock on bombshell. fuck that fake ass cunt sandra bullock

  8. bobs

    could have been tripping on hospital drugs

  9. xanax in my beer

    Huh. How much do you have to get raped by your uncle as a child to want to tattoo words and cobwebs onto your face as a grown up?

  10. CuntDestroyer

    Holy fuck! Her CUModo Dragon spit’s deadly bacteria is gonna do a number on that mag! That attention starved skank bitch is disgusting & proves it every time she is allowed in any media. Trasher.


    I Fuck the hel out of those hard fake tiits an tight body. as the adage goes put a flg over her face and fuck her for “Old Glory”! Then cum on her tits

  12. shannon

    this is how a woman is promoted from a bitch hawk to a full fledged cunt dragon.

  13. Connor

    I wanna see Sandra Bullock just beat this bitches’ head in. I don’t have a problem with either of them really and I’m not offended by this picture, but I’ll bet Sandra Bullock could scrap this bitch. Just because she has tattoos doesn’t mean she’s tough…and just because Sandra Bullock is a lady all over town doesn’t mean she can’t whoop a disrespectful bitches’ ass.

    Tattoos/Classy gowns do not denote toughness.

  14. Katie

    Forget the tatts on her face, she has shitty tattoos all over. I just don’t get it. Bad skin, bad tattoos. There are so many hotter tattooed chicks out there, why’d he pick this skank?

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