1. The Truth


  2. Anon

    She is a cunt, but Sandra was fucking retarded for even considering a relationship with a 14-year-old chin beard in the first place. This trash didn’t break up the marriage though. It’s never the fault of the “other person.” It’s completely the fault of the cheater.

  3. hmna

    She wouldn’t look half bad in this photo if you could wash off the tattoos and the skank.

  4. Sybianz

    Lol this is awesome, maybe if Sandra didn’t come off as the prude of the century Jesse wouldn’t have thrown it into Michelle, I mean when your wife looks like the queen of missionary its not hard to be tempted, I’m not saying he should have cheated but I get it.

  5. Like a G6

    Sandra does not come off as prude. She has class. Just because someone doesn’t dress like a hot goth mess doesn’t mean she caint bring it! Sandra is a mega babe w/bad taste in men. This pig is a piece of damaged shit covered in gross looking stains all over her body making her look like she needs a good scrub. Classy (NOT). What fucked up child hood and parents raise something like this mess? I’d be heart broken if my daughter turned out like this. Quite an accomplishment bombshell. Did you even end up with the guy? Nope. He’s on to a real person w/actual direction even if she’s covered in goop/stains too. At least she has some talent. THis chick is all insignificant, irrelevant and a waste of time and attention. You will never hear about her again because holding a pic of Sandra is about the last thing she can do for attention. How basic can you get. All she can do next for attention is die, please get to it ‘girl’.

  6. medeia

    what an ugly fucking selfish scrag. sandra should kick the shit out of her.. and kat for that matter, used to be a fan but fuck me, someone needs to arse screw Jesse for a change.

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