1. Cock Dr

    Let it be noted that the blogger supports the right of scantily clad women to keep and bear arms.

  2. It got banned because of the gun, obviously. You don’t support gun rights with nudity, silly Eva Green.

  3. Her breasts are fucking spectacular.

  4. Deacon Jones

    What makes it hotter is the fact that she’s French, so she most likely does anal. See, stereotyping CAN be beneficial.

  5. paco

    Those eyes, those eyes!!!

  6. Now that’s more like it.

  7. Nothing beats a 23-yo Eva Green in her first film, “The Dreamers”. Her funbags were like howitzers.

    (Close-up of le hoo-hoo at 9’39″)


    Skip the film, though. Pretentious snoozefest

    • I was about to thumb you up for mentioning The Dreamers ’til I got to “pretentious snoozefest.” Thumbs down instead! #BestFilmof2004

      • You need to see more movies then. It got mixed reviews at best (61% on Rotten Tomatoes) and 0 nominations for any major awards. The New York Post summed it up well: “A kind of art-house Showgirls — which actually exceeds Showgirls in its self-indulgence, shallowness and sheer stupidity.”

        But whatever. Tits!

      • The summary paragraph makes you the best film critic this planet has known. Suck on that, Andre Bazin!

      • Yeah, I always go to the New York Post for the most astute film criticism. And I saw over 120 movies released in 2004. I don’t let Rotten Tomatoes or the “major awards” determine my thinking, I judge for myself.

      • Point taken. The NYPost is a total rag, but in this one instance, they summed up nicely how many feel about “The Dreamers”.

        Because it was not, by any objective measure, that year’s best film. Perhaps you should’ve hash-tagged “PersonalFavoriteOf2004″ instead.

      • I thought it was implicit that my calling something “Best Film” (as opposed to the Oscar category that’s titled “Best Picture”) was a personal opinion, for which there is no “objective measure.” But I guess I have to explain every little thing on the Interwebs.

    • Hell yes. The Dreamers was great.

  8. jt

    nice guns

  9. PassingTrue

    I’m PassingTrue, and I approve this message.

  10. bash

    one of the most beautiful french actresses of current generation. a body to kill for and die for!!!!
    highly under rated as far as acting is concerned just watch any other film of hers other than dreamers and u will know what i am talking about. hell just watch penny dreadful
    love ur tits and yes ofcourse u

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