1. Julie

    They do have similar faces, except JWoww looks like a 40 year old haggard used up slut and Emmanuelle looks like a classy beauty. :)

  2. Norm

    I don’t know their ages but I’m sure Jwow is younger… yet looks more like Leather face. If this isn’t the best example of staying clear of too much fake’n bake & to moisturize with something a bit better then bronzing lotion…

  3. duder

    They’re pretty much twins. Of course, as with every set of twins, there is a good twin and a used up cum gargling whore twin.

  4. tiago

    This picture shows how old JWOWW really looks..too much tanning!!

  5. Ted

    Plus that Jwoww bitch has dumbo the elephant ears and terrible skin.

  6. Shark60

    Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown: The Before and After Pictures

  7. bugabo

    The photograph on the right, is how Emmanuelle Chirqui would have looked, had she lived in Jersey.

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