1. Lili

    is that her nipple?

  2. Magical Niplle in the nest to last and last… I trully believe in St. Valentine now!

  3. Sixty

    Worst Photoshop job EVER!

  4. Nipilius Excitus! I’m producing a full Patronus…

  5. adolf hitler

    inspect this patronus. letus get drunkus. expelnippanus.

  6. Talk Hard

    I like her with long hair but I’ll take that nip anytime.

    Stupefy my wand.

  7. Igor

    Wow you get the whole kit and ka-dude-le with these

  8. Brad

    This is absolutely the worst photoshop ever done.

  9. God, who would photoshop a boys head onto the body of a prepubescent girl. Fucking sicko.

  10. welldoneson

    Guys, I’m here to tell ya that ain’t no guy.
    Short hair don’t mean a thing.
    Legs, skin, makeup, and boobs… now, that means something.

  11. Codot

    I won’t lie — I thought this would get a pink star.

  12. You’d think that with all that Harry Potter money she’d be able to afford tape that works…not that I’m complaining, mind. I’m just saying…

  13. Harry Pooter

    Patrifcus totalus on the erectus

  14. ravel

    fantastic dress emma – open right down the front shows your nipples nicely – love your silky soft pliable breasts…very sexy emma

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