1. Perfect…she’s never looked like a little boy BTW

  2. Mike Hunt

    The Pretties British woman alive! :)

  3. Herman Bumfudle

    sure its the shoes that make those legs look and those tight little buttocks look so nice. and if shoes could make ugly people look good, i’d go down to 34th street and do a high heel drive by.

  4. Yeahitsme

    Her legs look so good she have to look at them herself!!!!

  5. whatever dogg

    May she show that much leg more often. Clearly her best attribute.

  6. Julian

    Emma watson is way to fat to be a stripper. my girlfriend is a stripper and she actually takes care of herself. she has no tits, no abs, her legs are flabby when she isnt flexing from heels. and she doesnt have a pretty face. honestly im pissed they picked her for a stripper.

    • brittany

      really julian your really going to tell everyone on here that your happy your girlfriend is a stripper you know that just means she is not very bright and has to be a stripper to make money and btw if you don’t have anything good to say about emma are anyone keep it to yourself dont think just cause shes pretty has money and all that her feeling dont get hurt just like everyones!.

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