1. Mike Hunt

    Nice little belly button! :)

  2. This guy

    I would let her go number 2 on my chest.

  3. stacy

    Those little titties match her body. She doesn’t need any implants but we would like to see them.

  4. Hollie

    She looks like Kristen stewart for a brief second here*don’t throw tomatoes at me please*

    • Desi R.

      I won’t agree for I hate tomatoes…But I won’t disagree either….ahem

    • Tabbycat

      I was thinking the same thing looking through most of these pics. I will say i think she is better looking than Kristen in this particular style! Maybe she should have been Belle :) I think Kristen is really beautiful but Idk Emma looks great looking like a rebel

  5. lol shes wearing a weave…hair stylist did a pretty good job though, I couldn’t tell in most of the pictures… was wondering how her hair grew back so fast

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