1. If Sam Ronson were a chick would she look like this?

  2. Storm

    She looks like Jon Cryer from Pretty In Pink — except less effeminate.


    Are you blind?
    sexy legs damn

  4. kinda makes you think what would happen if Justin Bieber played Demi moore in Striptease.

  5. It is scary hou much she does look like Sam Ronson in some of these pics.

  6. Double D

    I wanna nail Justin Bieber cause he’s such a cute girl. I don’t want to nail Emma Watson cause she’s a pubescent boy. This weeks has totally confused me sexually. But gay or straight, my dick is going nowhere near Snooki.

  7. DudeLooksLikeLady

    She has two options:
    Grow some hair or grow a dick.

  8. Sinful

    Why do you need to have long hair or big fake tits to be attractive? She is damn hot, tight body, smart and sexy, and I’d be on that all day every day.

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