1. Turd Ferguson

    Look at the difference of HER skin to that of Lohan’s.
    Silky smooth vs the upstairs neighbor on ‘Something About Mary.’

  2. I’m sorry, but…a woman of legal age with breasts that small? I just don’t see that Hollywood has any further use for her.

    • Emma Watson's Vagina

      the only way she will survive is she blows a big wig Hollywood producer or actor and hooks up wih him . not just one bj. AND do a lot of nudity and soft core sex senes aka Nicole Kidman.

  3. Emma Watson's Vagina

    she will be soon going the way of Keira Knightley. and soon i will be having to change my name to another Vagina

  4. InkyBlack

    Ignoring the nip shield, she looks stunning.

    • You got that right! I suspect she will continue to do very well in showbiz, despite the ending of the Harry Potty series. She certainly has the looks and she doesn’t seem to mind showing skin.

    • sassy

      At least she was smart enough to wear them. The rest of hollywood should take note…

  5. rantatonne

    for shame pastie, for shame!

  6. ilovethesuperficial

    dude the noisy adds on the main page are ruining ur site for me

  7. theoriginal LJ

    I’m hoping she decides to go the way of Jennifer Jason Lee when she first started getting leads in movies.

    Lots of artsy, naked Emma.

  8. Allion

    I like her, but she is nothing of an actress. And, it seems, Emma realizes that too, b/c she draws everybody’s attention to her body and not talent.

  9. SugarTits

    Emma should really just go the modeling route, not the gross cokey kind, but the…..nevermind.

  10. allan

    i want to play pirates with Emma.

  11. Jim Jones

    Holy shit, her nipples are made of plastic!

  12. Han Solo

    Holy shit she photobombed herself!

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