1. donkeylicks

    Ok, Quicksilver is an utter rip off of the Flash who I already think is about as boring as a super hero can be but, and hear me out on this, you NEED to read Son of M. After losing his powers thx to his stupid sister Quicksilver uses his ex as well as his daughter in a ruse to steal the Inhuman’s power source hoping to reignite his lost mutant gene. He is a depraved lunatic who is totally amazing and it is a shame that they (Marvel) didn’t keep the ball rolling with this plot/character.
    Great art (both cover and inside) and writing is top notch. They took a character who I had no interest in and made him into something that I looked forward to reading every month.

  2. Catgirl

    Bite marks, eh? A bloody nose? Sounds like the work of Chris Brown, whom, Fish, you have never forgiven. Can we expect some gender parity whereby you will also never let Emma Roberts live it down? I’m sick of seeing women being treated differently, and that includes being let of easy for something we’d never tolerate from a man.

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