1. Mellllzy

    He’s 61. I’d do him. He seems like a super strange guy. Probably a monster in the sack.

  2. Cap'n Obvious

    Titless gold-digging whore.

    Whoops, that was just a sneeze. I am not sure how it came out that way.

  3. Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s running and screaming.

  4. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Who is holding onto who for dear life here?

    Is it her, and her desire not to let her 40 million dollar catch get away from her and drown?

    Or is it him, and his desire not to let his ironing board get away from him before he’s managed to press his clothes that currently lay crumpled on the beach?

    • Bringbackbabalu

      Wow, are you trying to imply that she is ugly or homely, or she is not good enough because she doesn’t have big tits? I am not even following the logic of this idiotic post. I’d take the girl in good shape that takes care of herself 10/10 times over…well insert random big breasted #4 million. That is to even imply anything by the way a female looks. I guess everyone is just so jelly they can’t even make sense on here.
      So, I have no idea who she is but IMDB shows a picture of a super pretty lady, and I just read she is a professional dancer. So she is pretty, has an amazing body, and she is flexible…Jeff Goldblum is pretty fucking lucky, if 40m wasn’t already enough. Looks like they are having fun, and in love…so be jelly. Just change it to

  5. yawn

    that guy on the right is ripped.

  6. Stephen Harper

    She-Emily-was a Canadian Olympic participant in the 80′s.

    Now she dances with various artists and I think she did some shows with Cirque du Soleil. She is a contortionist and and athlete as well as a dancer.

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