1. Mr. Poop

    *pours bleach into eyes*

  2. Mitch

    Mr. Poop, that is a 50 year old ass and it looks 100% better than most 50 year old asses.

    I’d hit it and thank god for the opportunity.

    • actually, she’s 48. And looks fairly average for 48.

      I get that we’re supposed to fawn over aging celebrity chicks about how they’re still hot…when what we mean is “hot for their age”, or more often “feel bad for them because they’re no longer hot”…but count me out.

      I give no points for “used to be hot”, it only matters what they do for my boner today…and today, that ass and veiny arm are the anti-boner.

  3. Cock Dr

    “Elle Macpherson (48) has lived more than twice as long as Julianne Hough (23) yet somehow looks twice as hot.”
    Hmmm…the blogger’s equation does not compute.

  4. mike

    She STILL has a better ass thanmost women her age and half her age…no one looks great in natural lighting anyways…look at ScarJo

  5. Boo

    Not good!

  6. ChickenHawk

    Just bend her over and that ass will look like a 20-year-olds… either way, I’d tap dat ass!

  7. richard

    Came here to see the ass shot, mixed emptions.

  8. I know where I’m getting my next leather wallet from! I would have said bomber jacket or something, but frankly, she’s just not that big.

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