1. JessicaMarie

    really? the michael jackson comment. really?

  2. the reaper

    finally we caught that bitch!

  3. Armando

    she was a class act, and here torrid affair and marriage with Richard Burton is still Hollywood legend – Rest in Peace lovely lady

  4. Dubaniel

    I believe she was much more than just the friend of a psycho pop singer/children molester, but I might be wrong…

  5. My mother taught me if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
    This was a cheap shot. RIP Elizabeth and Michael.

  6. tanka3000

    You are a dick

  7. Shannon

    A huge piece of old Hollywood glamor died with her. What a stunning woman– seriously, how was her skin so perfect in the days before photoshop? RIP.

    And seriously? The MJ comments? Show some respect and save the trash for someone who deserves it… like um, the rest of Hollywood?

  8. Melissa

    Enough with the MJ jokes!! RIP lovely lady!!

  9. Maria

    Just because they didn’t have photoshop back then didn’t mean they didn’t have airbrushing. Yes, an actual airbrush complete with an air compressor. That’s how they fixed people’s skin back then.

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