1. Gigs

    Wow, that is just sad. First.

  2. Ben Whofleck

    What? No Showgirls pictures for reference?

  3. she almost got away with peeing in the ocean, had it not been for that damn photographer and his telephoto lens

  4. Jules

    what the hell is wrong with all of you? She looks great still. picking at her crotch however is unflattering….

  5. I would still do her.

  6. Kitty

    Why can’t people try on their bikini’s before they buy them and take into consideration the drag when in water? this bathing suit bottom is 10x way to big for her and totally wrong…

  7. Luscious Leftfoot

    She has what my friends and I commonly refer to “a case of the hammies” (no ass, hamstrings all the way up) Gross. I’d rather jump in the sack with a family member.

    “I’m so excited.. and I just can’t hide it!”

  8. Mike Walker

    I’m a manta ray… rawr!

  9. Scott

    She doesn’t look that bad, especially considering that she’s almost 39, and not on a photo shoot.

    Actually, in the shots from the side, she doesn’t look fat at all. Keep in mind that Elizabeth is not on a movie set, and doesn’t have on professional make-up. Also, there is no one using Photoshop, like you see on all the magazine covers.

    I’m betting that she looks pretty good in person, but not in a telephoto, Paparazzi shot. Would she look better if she was Leann Rimes scary skinny?

    • anonymous

      Ewww, you must be fat, sorry

      I am a former dancer, and I am 46. I don’t use weights, I run, swim, bike. I have a body of an athletic 20 yr old,.

      To see a fellow dancer just give up and not care, like most fat Americans is deplorable, but makes me feel proud I still put the effort. Not just for lame vanity, to prevent disease, help organs/heart! Etc… Common sense.

      She looks like shit and there is no excuse.

      • Captain Obvious.

        Yeah right. I hate to be the one to break it to you but it’s a fact and I’m simply trying to help. If you’re 46 you do NOT have the body of a 20 yr old dancer! No, you don’t. Ever. You can NOT compete with 20 year olds. You may hold the crown in the 39-52 category, but you do NOT stand up to even a moderately out of shape 20 year old. The lies we tell ourselves. You are the reason Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson are on tv.

      • tank

        i agree. you cant win the battle with time. i know it sucks but thats life.

  10. Skubie

    LOL Captain.
    Anonymous (great alias choice): she’s only look like shit if she were 50 lbs heavier. She looks fine, healthy, not skeletal, just a bad choice in swimsuits.

  11. Just Vomited

    Looks like she takes absolutely enormous dumps.

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