1. Maximus

    Thank you, PETA. Thank you.

  2. Magic of Photoshop

    She has a weird body: very skinny but with a bulging stomach. Malnutrition perhaps?

  3. NoMoeSnow

    So…This Hot Naked Model Looks Manly…? DUDE…check your reality… R_E_A_L_L_Y!!!!
    In what part of the world is Elisabetta Canalis considered man-ish? If this is man-ish…WTF…does feminine look like in your world…?

  4. Flurb WaaahWaaahhh

    Dear lord,

    Please erase that tenth pic from existence. It reminds one of the “newborn” in Alien 4. If women were all shaped like that there would be no more boners.

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