1. That is one fine Lady considering 2 kids,MILF. So my question is why would Tiger fuck so many fugly whores? Unless she didn’t want to do some nasty KK shit.(No.1)
    She also got a shit load of $ off Wood ,you are one dumb ass ,Mr Wood.

  2. Elin makes me proud to be a Swede!

    • Some Norwegian gave me thumbs down. I thumbs down your whole country, so there.

    • I’ve never understood this line of thinking. You’re proud to have happened to be born on the same piece of land she happened to be born on?

      Have you had a hand in her existence, or success, or appearance? No? Then you have nothing to be ‘proud’ of.

      You *should* be ashamed of your petty comment about Norway though.

  3. FakeTitSpotter


  4. kurgen99

    Looks like she’s worth whatever he has to pay!

  5. amir

    Sorry, she’s rather plain looking to me, would not do a double take.
    Plus, I’m not a fan of fake breasts, Pass.

  6. skunk

    damn! i’d bang her tigerstyle

  7. anonymous

    She’s hot but not worth $350 mil to put a ring on. Tiger’s just desperate these days.

    Plain looking serving girls must have unionized and banned Tiger.

  8. Inner Retard

    I know for every beautiful woman a million guys want to bang there is one guy tired of actually banging her but damn Tiger, what the hell is wrong with you?!

  9. DonPablo

    Proof one again for every good looking girl, there’s a guy who’s tired of her _____.

  10. she is a beautiful woman!

  11. whatwhatinthebutt

    She’s most likely a dead starfish.
    Hence the pornstars.

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