1. No Standards

    Too skinny. And not in a hot, Crossfit chick kind of way.

  2. valen001

    fresh as a daisy. :D

  3. lily

    Gorgeous woman, but needs to gain a few…she looks too thin in the torso and hip area, and her boobies are gone :(

  4. mike

    i actually dont like her body, she has no hips no curves she looks like a boy in a bikini….

  5. vic

    I don’t think it counts as ‘wearing’ the bikini if it’s just cloth whipping against a flag pole.

  6. GQ

    There was a time you had to be a heroin addict to look as shitty as this.

  7. Meh

    How the fuck do you pronounce her name?

  8. Elf

    If someone gave her blueberry tea, we could use her as a thermometer.

  9. Carolyn

    Who is she?

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