1. soleil

    Wow the wooden spoon is right there in the door pocket!

    • XGL

      That’s where this whole report is coming from. Who knows, maybe she picked it up on sale somewhere and stuck it in there. Woman loves a good sale.

  2. guttboy

    Where do I sign up for the wooden spoon beatings and the ball stomping?!?!

  3. Bionic_Crouton

    “Get in the van kids! Were going to China to see if your tiny little Asian fingers can assemble iphones! Yaaaay!”
    “I want juice…”
    “Mommy’s broke from having you money vacuums you will get nothing and like it!”
    “I’m sleepy!”
    “Don’t make mommy get the spoon!”

  4. Oh come on, she didn’t have 30 kids to NOT beat them with a spoon.

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