1. Cock Dr

    I wonder if this movie may turn into one of those cult classics of badness.
    The kind where watching it while high on psychedelics becomes a rite of passage into 21st century adulthood.

  2. Why did they revive David Niven for this shit?

    • Abhay

      I agree with Rassilon, unless you are aullatcy issue collecting. If you’re looking for reading copies to read about GL’s past, you can’t go wrong with the SP volumes. We discuss those a lot up in the AMSA Forum. Even better, there are the GL Archives volumes, many of which are available on eBay and at conventions for half-price. Those are a tough deal to beat, unless you want the letter columns and ads (which some collectors do). It occurred to me that, if you weren’t aware of those, they’d be good options, and I didn’t want to assume you did. BTW, Mile High Comics recently had a promotion in which, if you bought a certain amount of comics (I think it was $50 worth), you got a complete set of the recent promotional multi-color GL rings that DC was giving out. That deal was made in the newsletter only, another reason to sign up for it. Craig Shutt

  3. Idalia

    - Page 5 -Panel 1: Where are the tacos? Panel 2: They they’re down there. Panel 3: You mean to tell me, you forgot them? Great just great. Those meant a lot to me, y’know? Panel 4: Now I have to go all the way acrsos the solar system to another taco joint. Thanks a lot! Panel 5: I can’t believe you LEFT the only food we had on an exploding planet, man. Epic Fail. Hold on Tomar, let me follow. I need to know where this taco joint is. I’m hungry as hell.

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