1. Amorfismos

    Ugly, plastic skank

  2. Sarah

    wow this girl really has an ugly face. her hair is hideous too.

  3. DrDoug

    Come on you guys. She actually doesn’t look bad at all. And not one of you schmucks who’re making comments about Heidi would kick her out of bed…

  4. Alexa

    i like her, but what the fuck is all over her nose… sunscreen? clay? sand? bad bout with microdermabrasion? confused

    • Jaimie

      She said in an article a few months ago that she continues to wear the tape from her surgery on her nose..

  5. prada bags

    I believe you will get what you want.

  6. paul

    Yep,…. She realy is a skank,…. I for one am sick and tired of the relentless barage of peoples opions from some magazine about what they think we want to see,… Here’s an old one that I live by,.. why eat hamburger out side,.. when I have steak at home,… there are more beautiful unknowns walking the street’s everyday and here are these A-hole publisist’s showing us this crap! Heidi montag should just go away like all of the rest of the plastic barbies,
    Barbie never did anything for me anyway.

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