1. CHANG

    Y’know, she is so pretty without the makeup but permanent ace bandage on her nose and all the crap she goes through just makes me sad. Dang.

  2. Penis

    she looks so stupid

  3. chelsea

    she’s so ugly…and um..idk why she has to hold them…it’s not like they move anyway LOL and girl needs to get her roots fixed, or at least dye her hair the natural color she looks like a crackwhore… lol

  4. Deacon Jones

    Great body…

    Nothing says sexy like that body and surgical tape to hold the nose on….

  5. Seriously she needs to stop wearing the nose tape in public. It makes her look like a fucking idiot. Also, the expression on her face is so fake. Like, oh whoops my top came off hehe. Besides that she looks pretty. Her body is perfect.

  6. Boo

    what happened to the nose???

  7. Alberto

    That is indeed what might be called a pair of Guzongas.

  8. lauren

    That’s what she looks like when she lets Spencer cum all over her skank ass face.

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    as Lo-uis Vui-tton,Ch-anel,Gu-cci.etc

  10. dana

    lol!! 45% heidi 55% plastic surgery!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. ttrexxx

    she’s got a pretty

  12. Cunfusedashell

    What is wrong with this chicks nose? Does she have the Michael Jackson nose job?

  13. Monkeyman

    I have serious doubts this is HM.

  14. Granted

    Looks like she’s faking it. Just in it for the attention. Imagine that from a reality tv personality (disorder).

  15. rob bang

    Oh Pleasssse. She’s covering up her tits when she knows full we’ll the world will see them when she does the Playboy spread if she hasn’t already done it.

  16. srslycereal

    say ahhhh ;{D

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