1. sixpack

    She honestly does not even look like the same person – that’s some surgery!

  2. Penis

    I think her legs are too short for that ASS

  3. Wow

    wow…I didnt realise how much of an old womans ass she had! Jesus. YUCK! She needs to focus on that nigger ass!

  4. memem

    We don’t get to see enough of this side of her. Hell ya Heidi. DAT ASS!

  5. Luther Martin

    She is still amazing lovely.

    What if Spenser is ruthlessly blackmailing and manipulating her and she is not his willing collaborator as everyone assumes?

    Think Star80.

  6. IKE

    Ok, I am really digging this natural Heidi look! The plastic look is “neat”….., but this natural look says I’m doable! :)

  7. DK

    I don’t care what anyone says, Heidi is HOT!

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