1. Miss

    I’d like to see her with her natural haircolor.

  2. Jon

    First! Titties!

  3. SpencerB


  4. momo

    I have always wondered with her if the carpets match the drapes. I picture her puss looking like a peach, little bit of fuzz and dripping. Besides the fact that she has massacred the upper portion of her body, the bottom half is flawless, great hips and curves…

  5. that “surprised / mock-injury” look she often gets on her face (ex. photo 4) is actually quite a turn-on for me….

  6. Does anyone knows what is the supposed reason for her to be in Costa Rica?

    For no related reason at all, I do remember that Prostitution is Legal in Costa Rica.

  7. Jakester

    Starting to get a bit too much ass flab there. Time to hit the gym if you want to stay in the news!

    I like how shes freaking out about losing her top which is firmly in place until she pulls her own tit out. Good job!

  8. Mary

    This girl is SO hot, regrowth, nose tape…. who cares? I’d do anything to be rockin’ that body!

  9. Don

    Damn. That’s it. I really REALLY want to hit it now.

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  11. Livinius Nwambe

    Pssh… I don’t care what y’all say about her face being busted, etc. I’d tap that like an epileptic telegraph operator. An amazing ass, great tits, and pic #4 doesn’t hurt either.

  12. yowillie

    She needs a pearl necklace.

  13. jamie

    I dont even think this is really heidi looks NOTHING like her.. hot body from the front end.. back side..ok , face… less than average

  14. Jennifer

    So, let’s get this straight, she can afford all the surgery but CAN’T get her roots done?(pic 2)And all the surgery in the world still doesn’t fix what a tube of mascara and lipstick still does for the girl.

  15. Mrs. Nick Jonas

    I am actually surprised that she cannot get her own reality tv show. Reality tv is not that deep, just look at Jersey Shore.

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