1. J.

    Sure, I hear the 30-yr-old crack whore look is really in with teenagers these days.

  2. Josh

    Her face is just perfect for a fairy tale witch…

  3. mugen

    it’s a MAAAAaannnn baby!!

  4. derp

    her weight isn’t the issue dina, it’s her fake face and boobs

  5. karlito

    are we supposed to believe this girl wasn’t surgically altered. she doesn’t even look like the same person. she went from cute to ugly in no time. i guess the new fashion model style today is the emaciated crack whore look. i guess Dina knows Lindsay’s days are numbered so now it’s a free ride on Ali’s skinny little ass from now on. so sad to be a Lohan

  6. Turd Ferguson

    I can’t believe Katie Perry condones the cross-dressing.

  7. Turd Ferguson

    Since when did Russell Brand start cross-dressing?

  8. Aud

    Oooh man, I can wait to hear what Daddy Lohan has to say about this!!


  9. Mah Nikka

    LMAO! i actually love Lindsay Lohan, trainwrecks in general. I’ve got a fetish for them. But Sloppy Tits McNoMoney is just filarious.

  10. Aly

    It’s like they got rid of the real Ali Lohan and hired a pasty Thai boy to take her place.

  11. HALO101st

    Well-dressed working girl at the truck stop.

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