1. Gorilla

    Sehr Gut!

    But seriously what the fuck?

  2. Stephan

    I am German and WTF???This doesn’t make any sense…

  3. RikersBeard

    Sig Heil!

  4. The 5 o’ clock shadow seems to spread 2 inches down her thighs…

  5. AJ

    Google Translate FTW:
    “On the heels of her MTV EMAs performance, and full vaginal hubris that brought Miley Cyrus wundergroin to the “Wetten, dass …” thus fulfilling the wishes of the dying Walt Disney, it will be delivered to his country after a dream called. Many have speculated that Hitler tried in the occult, and this is just another confirmation of his hunger for a unique energy source – even from the grave.”

  6. Taylor Momsen is way cooler, better looking and can actually sing.

  7. Ash Bones

    I’ll throw her a mercy flap…

  8. freaky

    I hate to mention it, but she should consider waxing instead of shaving. Thigh creeper stubble is creepy.

    Just a moment, Mr. Hansen, I’m almost finished typ-

  9. Hmmmmm

    trying too hard to stay sexually controversial, she’s meh at best, and her dad should be punched in the forehead

    • Roxi

      i agree and whats up with her wearing my living room curtains as a dress??? with all the money she has im sure she can afford nicer clothes, oh well….

  10. Lena

    Learn german before typing that crap. And “Heil F├╝hrer” isn’t even funny. Nobody needs that

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