1. Crissy

    Jeeesuusssss WTF!

  2. JC

    I was wondering what class of “celebrities” would bother to show up at a Diddy party so long after his 15 minutes of fame were up. This actually seems about appropriate.

  3. kimmykimkim

    Ok wow. In public. In a dress. Let’s just hike this leg up like so, aaaaand, perfect. Standing on two feet is so passé.

    • Cock Dr

      She was probably really really hot and needed to air out the flaps.
      Looks like a refined & high class event for sure. Wonder how many people wound up puking & peeing over the side of the boat before morning.
      Did Diddy do it? I’ll bet Diddy did do it. Diddy’s done it all.

  4. puhleez

    that vadge looks like it might be a bit drafty

  5. Parker

    How elegant. What kind of woman…ah but who am I kidding? I’d plant my penis in her pooper so fast she wouldn’t know what hit her.

  6. Since I’ve seen her twat, I guessed I’d better find out who the fuck she is. Miss Europe 2005. Model (natch). First Iranian girl to be featured on German Playboy mag.

    She’s a real catch there, boys.

  7. your mom

    Fancy shoes remind us to act fancy. Once the shoes come off, the legs go up, the vag comes out. It’s science.

  8. mamamiasweetpeaches


    chin up….both of em!

  9. vgrly

    Her ass is so saggy they can pass as labia lips.

  10. Suddenly, sharks started circling the boat, lured in by the pungent aroma of tuna.

  11. disillusionisreal

    oh yeah, that’s class….

  12. Ana


  13. raven3658

    Ok…is it me or is this girl with her leg up and no underwear…tacky for showing

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