1. Stacy

    What is wrong with her nose?

  2. LAla Land

    She is hideous!

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  3. Thais

    OMG! She has Michael Jacksons nose!
    She is ridiculous “I WANT MY IMPLANTS OUT” ok really now….so whats gonna happen to her extra boob skin? i guess they can use it to make her stupid ugly ass a new nose…
    good luck moron

  4. Thais

    she is probably in Costa Rica because she is gonna get her ridiculous breast removed and put in new ones. Spencer the fucken retard will take take of her stupid horse face again. Bitch is broke … am from Brazil and i know that plastic surgery cost less money in place like Central and South America…..
    i hope she stays their and becomes a farm whore to the horses of course

  5. rob frost

    yeah looks like another nose job.. but apart from that I think she’s looking a lot better than usual. Her hair looks kinda rastafied!

  6. Fuck You

    I don’t think that’s Heidi…

  7. Marco

    Is that even her? I am amazed she looks so different without the spakle and a fresh coat.

  8. Osha

    If that’s Heidi, she looks a lot prettier without all the makeup.

  9. Jeannified

    I’ve seen her picture on several different blogs today. It never occurred to me that this is Heidi Pratt! it looks NOTHING LIKE HER!!! She looks WAY better in these pictures! (Minsu the nose bandage. Her nose looks like Michael Jackson’s! When she’s bent down, she doesn’t look like she has big boobs. Are we sure this is REALLY Heidi?! It sure doesn’t look like her, to me!

  10. billabong021

    in that close-up pic of her face, you can actually see where the doctor plastered her nose on her face.. wierd..

  11. Mrs. Nick Jonas

    I don’t know if this is really her. Her face has been so altered that I cannot even tell anymore :(.

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