1. Hugh Gentry

    I wonder if she had her tits taken out after the nose job

  2. Jester

    There is no doubt she has had some more work done, her face looks about what it used to and her tits don’t look near as Ginormous as they were. Splains why she has been out of site for so long.

    I’m sad that she is back with Le Douche.

  3. Kerri

    is that her? it looks like her pre-surgery. weird?

  4. brandy

    her nose! eww it has 2 parts.

    she does look more like her old self in general though.

  5. lovey

    THERE’S A BANDAGE covering most of her NOSE! She’s had it dun again! And yes, her boobs aren’t nearly as gi-normous as they were! Darn! What a weird girl!

    Spencer Pratt looks exactly like Mickey Rooney–just SLIGHTLY more refined than mickey.

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