1. Andy

    Did you even notice yet another nose job? Her nose is all bandaged up.

  2. cocoou

    that doesn’t look like her at all. is it really heidi???

  3. Her nose grows every time she tells a lie. The tape is there to hold it back.

  4. K

    Heidi got another nose job! looks like we have another MJ here folks

  5. cc

    That’s really Heidi? Holy shit she must wear a lot of make up for interviews.


    she actually looks good here, minus the hackjob nose…

  7. argleblargle

    Her face doesn’t look that terrible without the makeup caked on like it’s buttercream icing.

  8. Mike

    What the fuck is wrong with heidi’s nose?

  9. the dog in the pic says...

    “this bitch is bittin’ off my hair style” and “she looks ruuuuff” haha

  10. lizzie

    It isn’t heidi, but whoever it is did have a nose job recently.

  11. Nique

    Wow, she looks damn plain in these pics. Quite 80ies actually. Quite boring.

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