1. Jan

    Hmm I think it’s just the baby-fat that her daddy kept at bay for so long by putting her through rigorous training-regimes, which has finally found a chance to kick in.

  2. RRider

    Miley is going to be a real FATTY. She’s already starting to look that way. And what an awful mouth she has, it is deformed.

  3. mlane

    Maybe she had her wisdom teeth cut out a few days ago and all the swelling hasn’t gone down yet.

  4. Clark

    She’s fat as hell. Look at that round face. Looks like Fozzie Bear.

  5. Dank

    This isnt Miley you fools.

  6. Jen

    uh 1, this is miley…2, shes not fat at all…3, she does not show any signs of being fat in the future. so until then all of you jealous haters keep the trash talkin to yourself. shes beautiful and looks wonderful in these pics, alot better than i have seen in the past so leave her alone..

    • Don

      sure… shes fugly, she looks like jar-jar binks. that is why she’s always almost naked so nobody notices that weird face…

    • J

      I think Miley, looks fine. i think she just got her hair cut or she toke out theose extensions. but to me this is one of her better pictures.
      She looks tanner, she has make-up on and it NBD!

  7. sitin

    Wonder if she found some Botox laying around?

  8. JeremiahStanfieldTheThird

    Stung by bees.

  9. sheryl

    ok i don’t see anything wrong with her….

  10. Blech

    The haircut and highlights have fattened her face.

    I’ve had long hair for most of my life, and the day I got it cut that short, my brother said that my face looked fat.

    I never cut it that short again.

  11. Blech

    I forgot that the tranny make-up isn’t working. Miley is cutesy, and she doesn’t need so much sh*t on her face.

  12. jessssicaaa

    omg… shes not even smiling lol she has to much make up on lol make up is to enhance not mask! -.-

  13. dontlooknow

    Looks like a baby Snooki…

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