1. jujee

    I think her face has gotten a little chubbier, and with the added duck lips that all teenagers seem to think is attractive makes her look different.

  2. poopstained panties

    Teenage bitches and their dumb duckfaces piss me off. Although I guess its better than seeing her gums.

  3. imagen

    She looks like she has a mouth full of jizz, which she is none too pleased about and is looking for a discreet place to spit it.

  4. Jessie

    She doesn’t look real!

  5. T.W.

    Man! Snooki lost weight!

  6. Kade

    you guys are assholes. like what the hell is wrong with you??

  7. She’s always had that chipmunk thing going on. But it does look like she got her lips done. And gained 30 pounds……


  8. Lary

    for me, looks like she took some cortisone. It makes “full moon” faces on people. :(

  9. darwyn4

    @imagen you might be right

  10. mickey

    you people are complete idiots why do you always talk shit about people go take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and see whats looking back at you it is a sad day in the US when you cant step out in public with out some jackass reading about it or looking at a picture and talking shit GET A LIFE PEOPLE…… face it the girl has more money and talent in her little finger than any of you will have in your entire life……

  11. cc

    that’s what my face looked like after i got wisdom teeth out.

  12. theantichrist

    Kade/mickey, First time to the site?

  13. gigi

    There’s a slew of reasons she looks different. For starters her hair color is lighter and her hair is shorter. Also, her make up is stronger and the style of makeup she has on would instantly age her some. Lastly, she looks like she’s gained weight or perhaps like someone else mentioned got her wisdom teeth pulled.

  14. Crush

    Well, it’s my first time to the site and you guys are fucking hilarious…it’s just like a half gallon of rum deep with me and some of my friends with the same malignant humor as myself. Imagen – hilarious! I’d still flick her bean and get up in her guts, oh wait – she is of age? Right? I don’t want daddy havin’ to get an achy breaky hip replacement trying to hunt me down in order to protect his lil’ ‘golden goose’

  15. bongs1

    Miley luks lyk shes been fucked

  16. Nikole

    she lookz like a barbie doll

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